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Life Through His Eyes Patricia Grubbs

Life Through His Eyes

Patricia Grubbs

Published April 25th 2009
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 About the Book 

Patricia Grubbs was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1949. She was adopted by her foster parents, Andrew and Edith Unetich, in 1950. When she was eight years old, her brother was electrocuted in their home in Gary, Indiana. The family moved to Crown Point shortly thereafter. She met David in 1965. They fell in love yet went on to marry different people. In 1975 the two were reunited and later married. David served in the Viet Nam War. They have been dealing with the hidden wounds of that war since their marriage. These wounds always existed but were not recognized until very recently. One used to think of these wounds as mental conditions and not illnesses. They are not a stigma. These are true medical conditions. Someone has to tell the story to help others recognize and deal with the issues no one likes to talk about.