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Strike Force Samuel T. Evans

Strike Force

Samuel T. Evans

Published May 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
352 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“They won’t suspect you three because of your ages. And with no political connection to us, if you’re caught, you’re on your own.”“So we’re expendable!” Matt commented dryly.“Pretty much, and since you aren’t military agents you’ll have to adapt if you want to survive.” “And we would want to risk getting killed why?” Rex cut in questioningly.“The military can’t afford risking a war without solid evidence for doing so. If you want to prove you’re innocent, this is it!”“Oh great, suicide!” Rex remarked. “You sure you’re on our side?” “In my line of work it’s hard to tell,” the man replied with a hint of a smile.John glanced at Rex and Matt. “Well, I’m in!”They were framed, but the military needs their help. They aren’t military agents, but they are forced to adapt to survive. Now proving their innocence means taking on an almost impossible task that the military can’t do for itself without the risk of causing a war. Their mission: save America!