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Business Stats W/cd David M. Levine

Business Stats W/cd

David M. Levine

619 pages
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 About the Book 

This book covers the concepts and applications of statistics used in the functional areas of business-accounting, marketing, management, and economics, and finance. Focused more on concepts than on statistical methods, it shows readers how to properly use statistics to analyze data and demonstrates how computer software is an integral part of this analysis. Using Statistics scenarios discuss how statistics is used in a real business setting. Includes contemporary business applications, many with real data sets, and an integrated case that runs throughout chapters. PHSTAT, a custom designed Excel add-in, is packaged with each book. Introduction and Data Collection. Presenting Data in Tables and Charts. Summarizing and Describing Numerical Data. Basic Probability and Probability Distributions. Sampling Distributions and Confidence Interval Estimation. Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests. Two-Sample and C-Sample Tests with Numerical Data. Hypothesis Testing with Categorical Data. Statistical Applications in Quality and Productivity Management. The Simple Linear Regression Model and Correlations. Introduction to Multiple Regression. Time Series Analysis. An accessible introduction or refresher on statistics for those in accounting, marketing, management, economics, and finance.